Wednesday, July 24

So I just read the drafts :P There are some reaaally interesting barangs inside ;P Gi tengok.

Saturday, July 20

In other news,

I have assignments, notes, a test and an outline to do and god my hafalan blom buat lagi.

A sudden burst of stuff to do.

Lecturers, you sure know how to surprise a student.


Excuse me while I hide under my blanket for now.

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Saturday, December 8

Hello yall.

Here's my attempt at reviving this blog! Miss you lot, honestly. Never realised how much actually. Enjoy my sappiness, it isn't gna last long!

I really should continue reading this chapter on the mammalian transport system, but if I read another sentence with the words "haemoglobin" or "transport" in it I might vom. So here I am.

Since I'm being a sap, let me put out there some school memories that just won't be unremembered.

1. Do you remember when Jess fractured her leg and had to walk around with crutches? One day when Jab was still in SMKBJ (seems like forever ago) he was fooling around with it at the kantin, and the floor was well slippery (with oil, or god knows what substances that end up on the canteen floor). And he slipped, like the crutches slid forward and so did he, and he swore as he went down. I think I laughed until I cried.

2. I can't forget Ruki and her "cubit 360 darjah". I think Syamim got it. I also remember her threatening to "cooooocok" somebody with her oversized compass.

3. I can remember as far back as form 1, when Datin was 1 Omega's sivik teacher. I sat in front. She'd stand in front, pressing herself against my table. It's not a very pleasant memory really.

4. I remember Jab's farewell speech. He mentioned "prodigies" and stuff nobody else understood because he read An Abundance of Katherines and no one else did. I got it though (lol ofc)

That's all I've got for now. I think just looking at Jesses albums on facebook is enough, sigh what a throwback!

Saturday, March 17

Does anyone still remember this?

Lick my penis UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN.

Oh god, memories.

Friday, March 9

Walking Down Memory Lane...

Hmmm... [ cough, cough ]. Gosh, I haven't stepped foot in this blog for AGES, and I'm being suffocated with cobwebs... Time to clear it up with a fresh update from me! [ smiles ]
Looking back at all the memorable stuff in this blog, engraved into the cold, hard stone, I can't help but smile to myself. It's been such a long time, and we've come so far. Sarah, how I miss your valuable lessons on overcoming "POG" ( Phobia of, uhh, Girls? ). And Jannah, it's sad that we won't be having "Heavy Duty Kacau Andrew Day" anymore...
Uhhh... I'd just like to say that I really miss all my wonderful friends from SMKBJ. It's so sad that we had to go our separate ways. Hope you guys are okay, wherever you guys are...

Jas -.- Why would you want to show something like that to Alison, har? To show that I was such an "emo" person last time? [ sigh ] But fine, since you insist, I'll leave it to you whether you want to show it to her not la ( Preferably not, though ;) )
Geez, that reminds me. To any former Chess enthusiasts here, please, do try and remain active in Chess, yeah? I mean, you've gotta have SOMETHING to keep you occupied, right? Haha =) Don't ever turn your back on Chess. Never!

Oh, I don't know if you'll find this shocking or not, but...
I'm NO longer into Star Wars!
Ok fine, I still am... Partially. But not as much as Naruto! Hehe! Believe it!

Alright, I hope I've defibrillated this blog enough.
I can't believe that it's still surviving, even now. People keep defining this poor blog as "dead", and yet, here it is, still holding on to dear life...
I wonder what's next...

May the Force be with you...

Tuesday, March 6

Memories, oh memories.

I just read thru this blog and OMFG. THE STUFF I READ OMFG.

Drew's 'the girl I loved is gone forever' omg omg omg i just want to show that to alison okay drew okay? :D Please please pretty pretty please. With cherries on top pretty PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Drew and darth vader. Drew and chess. and chess. and chess.
The chessness of this blog oh gosh all thanks to drew.

And did you guys realize, someone actually posted in our cbox 'kesal in english is regret'. Like okaaaaaaaay. Kesal in english is regret people, REGRET. KESAL = REGRET.


And the numerous posts about the blog dying and not being updated. I bet majority of this blog goes 'UPDATE LAH YOU GUYS' or 'THIS BLOG IS DEAD.'

oh and i just found out who ... is. it's peng. remember peng's blog omg OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

AND this:

by miss yong bai chi herself.


Monday, March 5

An Update

Since Jess wants someone to update, fine I'll do it! To be honest I think everyone's forgotten about this thing, and since most of us are in college or school or work it's hardly something would bother thinking about. I can't even remember who the blog members are even!

But anyway I just miss everyone okay ugh it's awful! I don't miss school, hated it and will always hate it I think, but I miss the people. Lord. And I miss suffering together. Suffering as in doing the same really hard add math questions or suffering when teachers keep telling us all kinds of stories that were totally unrelated to the subject he or she is supposed to be teaching. People who suffer together are always good friends right? That's what I think la.

Ok here are the members :

I'll ceritakan a bit about what happened to every person, I mean some I know all, some I know a bit and some I don't what's happened to them at all but that's just because I'm too lazy to look through facebook.

Well for some reason I'm the first, anyway I joined the work force (heh). After ages and ages of waiting, thanks to a favour from Yas I finally have a job! No idea when I'm getting into college, it's a prickly subject to bring up with my parents. It's good I have a job now for something to do, or else I'd probably be crying and pulling my hair out by now bc I can't stand being the last of my friends to start studying.

Sarah is in school and this year she's taking her SPM, so good luck bb. You'll have loads of time to have fun and then moan about having nothing to do next year!

I have no idea what happened to Nafis. Soz Nafis!

Andrew's in Sunway College, and I hate the fact there are no more Kacau Andrew Days. SIGH!

Evo is going to MMU tomorrow and taking foundations in something, I can't remember what because it was like a mix of two things ke apa and I think she doesn't know herself tbh. She's going to be staying there, it's all the way in Cyberjaya and I feel really sad. It's probably gna get worse once she's already gone.

Lynn is in Taylor's taking her A Levels, and she says she hates college but the people in her class are really nice but everything else is essentially the same I think looooool Snuggles is still alive

Jab is in Perth and he's back in high school and he has a neighbour that sings petang petang haha

Dash is in NS (I just found out this evening)

No idea who .. is, and am too lazy to click and find out. Okay that's all I have to go now bc I've got work tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 23

We should really update this.

It's dying dead.

Saturday, August 28

I hate the radio

Hello everyone, I am very kesal to announce that I am sick again.
What is kesal in english? Oh my god, I don't even know! (Cue Malaysia rant)

And right now I'm listening to the gay California Gurls again, and it's not that I want to it's just the radios keep repeating it like mad and Kiss Fm plays it all the goddamn time. Ugh!

So now I'm listening to Radio Disney. There's like this squeaky 9 girl warbling Miley's Ordinary Girl. That's another annoying song that keeps replaying. Oh and One Republic's Secret. I have something major agaist One Repulic, truly.

Tell me what you want from here

I want you to stop singing and I want to hear some songs from Hey Monday's Beneath It All, kthanxbai. (I learned that word from a contengan on the wall of the stairs Fatruna painted hoho)

Miley's song doesn't even rhyme.

I'm just an ordinary girl
Sometimes I'm silly I get bored I (god I can't remember) I get ignored

Oh wait it does rhyme. Whatever I'd rather listen to Morningwood.


GIVE ME JOE JONAS RADIO DISNEY. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

Monday, August 23

Fix you.

Uh, hi.

Umm, just stopping by to say hello. This blog is nearly um, dead.

P.S. Who the heck are those people in the CBox? They are like spamming it.

Only I can do that.

Wednesday, August 4

help us

its almost 9pm.
robotics competition is tomorrow.


i heard khai kern lost.
even SMS K.Selangor did better-.-"
Hari, LOL :DD

Monday, July 26

kuala selangor


its been so looooooong since i last posted anything here.
heck, its been long since i left SMKBJ
6 months!
wtf ,kan? i couldnt believe it myself.
i think i lost my fluency in english already.

*p/s- im blogging from k.selangor, btw.

Friday, July 2

Just wave.

Shit will happen. And when it does, you got two options. It's either you curl up into a tiny ball and wish for the world to suck you. OR, you could stand up and wave at it. Wave like it was a close friend whom you haven't seen in decades. Wave as if it was a lover. Wave as if you had never waved at anyone before.

And wave, as if it was the last person you ever get to wave at.

Friday, May 28

Whims and random impulses

Have any of you taken a liking to something quite suddenly? Like... one day you woke up and realised you really liked something, or even loved it. It's really just bizarre. It's happened to me so many times.


1. The birth of the Apple Crumble
I had never eaten apple crumble in my life, never ate it, ever, I just looked at it with distaste and turned down any offerings of having some. But then suddenly, I wanted to bake it. I don't know why. I just did. Watched a video on VideoJug, and had a total revelation. And it turned out okay, and some people even liked it. My mom was a bit surprised. "I thought you didn't like apple crumble," she said. My thoughts exactly.

2. House
I hated the show the first time I ever watched it. Hated the freak who said mean and cynical things to people. Hated the operations. I couldn't really understand what people saw in the show. And then one day while flipping channels, I decided to watch it. And I decided I liked it, even when I didn't even know the characters, the story or anything. I watched it every week after that.

3. Coffee
What happened to 'Ew coffee sucks.'? I can't believe I said that. I also regret all the times I've been telling people coffee was bad for them. I just didn't know what I was missing. Sorry.

4. Football
It was all because of Portsmouth vs Liverpool. Liverpool lost 2-0. It's amazing how that one game sparked a craze. As for the club I support, I wasn't really influenced by anyone. I think that was random too. I only knew a few players, namely David Beckham, Rooney, Cesc Fabregas and Nistelrooy (The latter two was because Jenn was swooning over them and I decided to check em out.) Honestly. That time when MU played Leeds, and Leeds scored, I didn't know whether to sigh or cheer. But now I know what to do : laugh.

Haha okay sorry this post is quite random. I feel irresponsible if I don't try to keep the blog aliveeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, May 26



Sunday, May 9

I wanna eat cookies so badly >.<

Anyone willing to sponsor? :D

Friday, April 30


It's been a while since someone actually updated here. I almost forgot about this.

Anyway, uhh,.........


I love the colour Green now.

It's soothing.

So, yeahhhhhh..

That is all from me for now.

Saturday, March 27


Lynn's hair is now blonde. A bit fail la, but at least I tried. Took so long T_T

Saturday, March 20

You know what really grinds my gears?
Going through a whole holiday realising that you haven't done your Physics homework that you're supposed to be doing during the holidays, but you can't because the Physics book that you're supposed to be doing the homework in is somehow with teacher, and therefore you're unable to do the Physics homework that you're supposed to be doing during the holidays even if you wanted to do it.
My whole holiday has been ruined because of this...

Suck-ish, isn't it?
[ goes off to a corner to emo ]